about writers

i might not possess
endless ideas for a lengthy story,
or a wide range of of vocabulary;
perfection when it comes to grammar,
a belligerent attitude
when points are often misunderstood.

it might take time for me
to untangle a mess of thoughts–
to create something pretty,
but writing is less about technique
and more about delivery.

i might have an overwhelming amount of fears,
such as feeling like i have nothing to say,
or being judged by my peers.
maybe i’m just a wannabe,
wasting all my efforts on non-existent creativity.

yet; with infinite (im)possibilities,
i still call myself a writer.
my deepest ambitions consist of creating content
that will make a seemingly dark world, brighter.

although rarely a talent inherited
and often a gift i continue to build over time,
writing, for me, is a process
of growth,
of self-discovery
or recovery;
a reminder to keep an open mind,
but most of all, an opportunity to change a life.


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