The Voices

I finally went through with it, and I’ve never felt more alive. Lifeless bodies appear before me on the blood-stained floor; I struggle to remember how I caused this mess. All I hear are the screams. The begging. Then everything went blank. The eruption of voices in my head were lying. They told me they would stop once the deed was done, but they remain as piercing as ever. They demand another victim, and I acknowledge their request.

A foul stench protrudes through the air. I study the bodies, wondering if I should dispose of them or leave the putrescent, pathetic pieces of flesh where they are for the world to see. Their blood still lingers on my hands. I grab on to the bottom of the woman’s floral dress and wipe my hands clean before walking out the front door, ready and willing to fulfill the voices’ invitation further in to darkness.


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