my favorite hiding place

resides in the pages of a notebook.

it knows my thoughts,
but does not judge.
it knows my fears,
but does not exploit.
it knows my prayers
and restores faith.
it knows my dreams
and invites improvement.

from every milestone
to every heartbreak,
each empty page
is a safe space for me
to write the words
i fail to speak.

but the best part
is that it never pressures me to write.
it welcomes any thought to its surface–
and unlike any online forum,
holds on to original ideas until i am ready for the public eye to see.

this is more than just a leisure activity;
it has become a lifestyle.
when outside noise
aims to pummel my spirit,
when delightful dreams
don’t want to be forgotten,
when the rain pours
more than the sun shines,
these pages are the perfect partner to confide in.


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