3 Wishes

A genie came to me in a dream one night and granted me three wishes.

“I wish for beautiful looks,” I said without hesitation.

“Are you sure that is what you want?” the genie asked.

“Yes, pretty people get all the attention. This is what I need.” Self-confidence was never one of my strengths. I wanted to look like the women in the magazines and have the guys dreading to go out with me. I’ve spent a majority of my life a single woman, and maybe if I were pretty, that would all change. I’d finally be happy with myself.

“Your wish is my command,” he replied.

In the blink of an eye, I was suddenly standing in front of a mirror. The reflection staring back at me was one I didn’t recognize, but damn, was she beautiful. With long, blonde hair, tan skin, blue eyes, and pearly white teeth, I was the epitome of society’s definition of “beautiful.” I took my phone out of my pocket and browsed through it. Instead of photos with friends or a lover, I only found photos of myself. Looking through text messages, I saw how rude I was being to my loved ones.

“Genie, what is this? I would never talk to my family or friends like this.”

“You simply asked for beautiful looks, but you never said anything about personality,” the genie replied coyly and continued, “maybe you’ve spent too much time worrying about your physical appearance that you neglected inner beauty.”

“I thought people would want to pay more attention to me if I were prettier.”

The genie nodded. “Yes, outer beauty momentarily gets the attention you seek, but inner beauty keeps it.”

“I change my mind. I wish for endless amounts of money.”

“Are you sure that is what you want?” the genie asked, pursing his lips.

“Yes, everything in this world is rooted by money. This is what I need.” If I had money, I’d never have to work a day in my life again. I could travel, buy the latest and best gadgets–I’d be the happiest person in the world.

“Your wish is my command,” he replied.

In the blink of an eye, I was whisked away in to the most gorgeous mansion with a view of city. Looking around, I noticed that I was all alone. “Hello?” I called out to every room in the mansion, only to hear the echo of my own voice.

“Genie, why am I the only one here? I thought people wanted to be around someone with money.”

“You simply asked for money, but not the company,” the genie shrugged his shoulders before continuing. “Maybe you spent too much time prioritizing material things and making money that you neglected the relationships that truly mattered.”

What good is all this money if I have no one to share it with?

“I change my mind; I don’t want this kind of life.”

“Oh? What kind of life do you want?” the genie asked.

I thought for a moment and smiled. “Genie, I wish for happiness.”

The genie smiled back and replied, “Your wish is my command.”

And just like that, I woke up in the comfort of my bed with my dog snuggled next to me. Everything seemed back to normal; I felt content, knowing that happiness was around the corner. Polaroids of family and friends decorated my bedroom wall. I took a deep breath and smiled, realizing that everything I’d ever need is already right in front of me.


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