Something I Never Thought I’d Say


I’d rather be in school. Wow, I never thought I would say that, but thinking about it now, I feel like I took my college experience for granted. Yes, it was stressful. Yes, I despised studying for tests. Yes, I rarely had free time. I remember being so excited for graduation and never coming back, but now that I’m out of school and experiencing the realities of adulthood and job hunting, all I have now is free time. I miss  those deadlines for rough and final drafts. I miss learning about my craft and being surrounded by people who share common interests. I miss classroom discussions and debates. I miss the business of it all. Maybe I’m just saying this because I’m having trouble finding work that I’m passionate about, but I feel such a strong longing to go back.

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8 thoughts on “Something I Never Thought I’d Say

  1. She

    Have you thought about lecturing or teaching. You could stay on top of the work, be paid to carry out research into your subject and be the one to set the tests rather than sit them? I am sure you will find your calling, the world is your oyster, speaking from an age most likely a decade beyond yours, the days you are living now are actually some of the best. Enjoy the opportunities that pass you by, take every one and enjoy! 🙂


  2. insideoutlifecoach

    It is often easier to go back to what is familiar when you are missing a part of your life that was so hopeful and where you felt you were making some progress. What you are feeling is a normal part of post college life. Albeit, it sucks, but there is life beyond college! It helped me to get plugged into networking opportunities through the dance community, but others are out there. Check out and get some connections, especially those connected to what you want to do. Networking is absolutely key. Now go sell your awesomeness!


    • Erielle Tolentino

      Thanks for reading and the encouragement. I appreciate any advice I can get because post-college life is definitely a challenge at times. I’ve never heard of before; Imll definitely check it out and make those connections. Thanks again!

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  3. spiritofdragonflies

    I graduated at 36 and still miss those great conversations and sharing ideas, deadlines, learning something new every day, the diversity in age, race, ethnicity, religion . . . Wish college students knew what a great adventure college is and to be mindful and enjoy every minute. Hope you find the perfect position and enjoy new deadlines, coworkers, interesting conversations and being a positive force in this world. Love and Light!

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  4. beaconsoflife

    Check out places to help you with your job search and resume. I looked at your resume and from my experience trying to find a job out of college, I needed to change my resume and adjust my objective for each job. For example, your objective needs to reflect the skills and experience you will bring to the job no matter which kind of job you are applying for. You are fortunate in that your skills can be used in other settings besides coaching. Use the key words from your present job responsibilities, such as teaching, coaching, and individual instruction and apply it to each job you apply for. You may know this already, but include a cover letter tailored to each job and try your best to find out who the HR manager is.

    Bottom line, employers are looking for what people can offer them not what you can get out of working there. So emphasize your skills and what you can bring to the job you are applying for.
    It is understood that you will get the experience you want to build your skills beyond what you learned in college and at your job. LinkedIn is a great networking resource and you can find jobs on there too. If you haven’t already, put your resume on LinkedIn.

    I hope this was helpful to you. Take what you want and leave the rest. Best to you on your job search. It is a difficult process and I can relate to what you are going through. I loved the structure of college and the camaraderie.


    • Erielle Tolentino

      Hi, thank you so much for reading and all of the advice! I appreciate you reaching out. I am working on expanding my connections, as well as editing my resume for future employers. I think blogging has been a great tool in networking, so thank you again for reaching out 🙂


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